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Paired t-test vs proc anova

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Paired t-test vs proc anova

I have a data set that looks like this:hw2.PNG

It's originally divided by strata, treatment vs. placebo, and how individuals perform across visits. Individuals do not change statuses or classifications at anytime. I am trying to compare the means for the treatment vs placebo group for the first strata, after the second visit. I've already create a table, that is filtered solely for the first strata and for observations after the second visit. I'm trying to figure out, given the structure of the data, if it would be better to do a proc anova or a paired t test. The paired t test seems appropriate for the task, but I don't know if it's appropriate for my data.


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Re: Paired t-test vs proc anova

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you could but repeated measures would be more thorough because you have two post-baseline values


edit: maybe this is helpful

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Re: Paired t-test vs proc anova

PROC GLM with the REPEATED statement, not PROC ANOVA

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