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PROC SHEWHART: what does Clipfactor option mean for PCHART?

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PROC SHEWHART: what does Clipfactor option mean for PCHART?

The documentation on what Clipfactor= is very vague. Is it some multiple of standard deviation beyond which the plot is clipped? Or something else? What exactly does it do for PCHART?

Specifically, my problem is that I have a PCHART where almost all of the data is above 90% but a few data points are near 50%. I would like to manage the vertical axis so that the lowest value on the vertical is perhaps 85% or 80%, thus expanding the users ability to view most of the data. I can't seem to figure out how to do this for a PCHART, setting an AXIS statement doesn't work for a chart where the data actually extends down to near 50% for even one data point. And even using a CLIPFACTOR of 1.01, it won't clip these data points near 50%. So it would seem to me that I have no way to manage the scale of the Y-axis. If you know how I can modify the scale of the Y-axis in this case, please let me know!

Paige Miller
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