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PROC MIANALYZE not producing 95% Confidence intervals

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PROC MIANALYZE not producing 95% Confidence intervals

I am using PROC MI, PROC LOGISTIC and PROC MIANALYZE for a project where the outcome is dichotomous and most of the exposures are categorical. I am try to make the Table 2 (the unadjusted associations between the exposures and outcome) but when I run PROC MIANALYZE for some of the variables the output does not provide the the 95% confidence limits. I think this is only occuring with the variables that in the original dataset had no missing (so none of the values were imputed). But I still need to report the assoications with confidence intervals. Does anyone know how to get these in the output? Please see the code below. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

- Claire


proc logistic data= inj_htn_long;
	class htn (ref = '0') injury (ref = '0');
	model htn (ref='0') = injury time_ctr time_ctr*time_ctr/CovB link = cloglog;
 	by _imputation_;
	ods output ParameterEstimates=lgsparms;
	ods output CovB=lgscovb; * create output dataset for parameters, and another for parameter covariances;
	where _imputation_<=5;

data lgsparms2;
set lgsparms;

proc mianalyze parms=lgsparms2 covb(effectvar=stacking)=lgscovb;
modeleffects intercept injury1 injury2 injury3 time_ctr time_ctr*time_ctr /* variables you want effects for here */;
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