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PROC MI FCS documentation appears to be incorrect

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PROC MI FCS documentation appears to be incorrect

The documentation in (SAS/STAT 14.1) PROC MI 'FCS Methods for Data Sets with Arbitrary Missing Patterns' doesn't look correct. Specifically, in the two sets of equations for the filled in and imputation phases, for each equation corresponding to a draw of the missing data, the equation implies that the draw is from a marginal distribution, without covariates. For example, Y^(t+1)_{p*} ~ P(Y_p | theta^(t+1)_p), in which there are no covariates shown in the conditional distribution.


The accompanying text describes the use of covariates in the conditional distributions which are drawn from, but if the equations are shown, they ought to make clear the dependence on covariates, otherwise they do not faithfully describe the algorithm's implementation.

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