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PROC LIFETEST empty summary statitics

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PROC LIFETEST empty summary statitics

Hello !


I am trying to analyse the survival rate of my subjects (pigs within a litter) during a trial (hereby the dataset). Everything seems to work fine apart from my summary statistics tables, which are empty for each of the strata....

Summary table.PNG


I have a lot of censored data (very few subjects died, about 20%) and most of then are at the beginning of the trial, would it be a reason why my tables are empty ?


Here is my code :

PROC LIFETEST data = SURVIVAL_lect atrisk plots=survival(atrisk cl) outtest=outsurvival ;

time age_death*mortality(0);

STRATA treat / test=(logrank wilcoxon) adjust=Tukey;

test weight size PI BMI B_NCC B_U;

title 'effect of treatment on mortality - Kaplan-Meier' ;



Also, I have subjects that were removed from their original litter ("transferred") in the course of lactation, thus I have censored those ones as well, hoping it will help but there is no difference...


Thanks so much already  !



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