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PROC HPLMIXED Performance Issues

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PROC HPLMIXED Performance Issues

I have used PROC HPLMIXED on a dataset on my desktop and on an HPC cluster. On my desktop (i5, 3.1GHz, 15GB RAM), the processing time was just under 8 minutes. The CPU time and the real time were very close to each other, so I know that memory and I/O were not slowing down the processing.


Then, on the HPC cluster (40 logical cores, 2GHz, 100GB RAM) the processing time was 11 minutes. I have made sure that SAS recognizes 100GB of memory and CPUCOUNT=40. Again, the CPU time and real time were very close to each other. So, no memory or I/O issues. If PROC HPLMIXED is taking advantage of multiple cores and hyperthreads, how come the processing time is longer on the cluster? Am I missing something here? Do I need to change something in the configuration file? Any insights will be greatly appreciated.


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