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PROC Genmode Error -

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PROC Genmode Error -



I would like to run the code below, but I get the following error. It's the first time I run Proc genmode, your help would be much appreciated. Thank you


proc genmod data=work.Gen_model ;
  class customer_id2 A B C;
  model Target0(event='1')=A B C D E F G / dist=bin;
  repeated subject=customer_id/sorted type=exch ;



NOTE: PROC GENMOD is modeling the probability that Target0='1'. One way to change this to model the probability that Target0='0' is
to specify the DESCENDING option in the PROC statement.
NOTE: Algorithm converged.
ERROR: Error in computing the variance function.
ERROR: Error in parameter estimate covariance computation.
ERROR: Error in estimation routine.
NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.
NOTE: PROCEDURE GENMOD used (Total process time):
real time 0.09 seconds
cpu time 0.06 seconds



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Re: PROC Genmode Error -

class customer_id2 A B C;




class customer_id  A B C;

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