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PROC GENMOD: Meaning of a note

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PROC GENMOD: Meaning of a note


I just ran a PROC GENMOD and received this note:

NOTE: Class levels for some variables were not printed due to excessive size.

I was wondering if someone could explain what it means and possibly the implications. Excessive size of what? Not sure what or if I should do something about this.

Thank you in advance.


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Re: PROC GENMOD: Meaning of a note

I'm thinking "number of levels"  it should tell you have many levels of each class varaible there are.  And for the one(s) with lots of levels all the levels are not printed.

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Re: PROC GENMOD: Meaning of a note

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Ah, I see. It looks like it's referencing my "repeated subject" variable. The output lists the first 25 or so in the Class Level Information section of the output and then an ellipsis.

Thank you!

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