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PROC CALIS: model comparison statistics in V 9.3

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PROC CALIS: model comparison statistics in V 9.3

I have several legacy SAS macros for extending the analyses provided by PROC CALIS, based on analysing the OUTRAM data sets.

They are all broken in SAS 9.3, with the new model syntax and new formats for output data sets.

One macro I am still fond of is CALISCMP,

modeled on what AMOS does naturally when you fit multiple models to the same data:  It collects the main model fit statistics

from the various models and presents these in an organized display allowing easy model comparison.

I can see that in SAS 9.3, the output statistics are now produced using the OUTFIT= option rather than the OUTRAM= option,

but their structure is also completely different (and also doesn't match the documentation). 

Before I start to try to sort this out, is there any way with the new CALIS to fit multiple, single-group models in the same

PROC CALIS step, and get these kind of model comparison statistics automatically?  I attach a test case showing what

I mean.  The desired output is similar to what is shown on the web page for CALISCMP.

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