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PPS Sampling Error

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PPS Sampling Error

Hello All,

I am working on a project where we need to sample some items in a warehouse with the higher dollar items having a higher chance of being picked.  When I ran the data through PROC SURVEYSELECT METHOD=PPS I get the following error  "the relatize size of each sampling unit must not exceed 1/sampsize.

If I redued the sample size to 7 this error goes away, unfortunately I need a sample size of 37.

After soon searching, i found some posts on SAS-L and to find the maximum sample use that stop this problem from happening or to use the MINSIZE, MAXSIZE, CERTSIZE options.  By toying with the CERTSIZE I got it to work, but the logic behind the MINSIZE and MAXSIZE escape me.

I created a test data set that is fairly representitive of what my inventory data looks like.  For some reason I can't paste my code in here so I hope I make no typos

data one;

  do id=1 to 183;


   if id le 1 then value=id;

     else value=lag_value*1.05;





* this outputs as error;

proc surveyselect data=one method=pps seed=6845 n=37 out=sample_one;

  size value;


By using n=20 the error goes away;

Any guidance on using MINSIZE or MAXSIZE would be appreciated.


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