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PHREG Simple Frequencies

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PHREG Simple Frequencies

Hey all,

The output of PROC PHREG, when the option SIMPLE and the CLASS statement are invoked, causes the display of simple frequencies of the class variables.  These frequencies are simple counts, so probably should have no decimal places.  However, mine are coming out with anywhere from 1 to 4 decimal places - all of course are zeros.  Does anyone else have this issue?  Is this a problem with the style I might be using or perhaps a problem in the PHREG template?



race        Only white                      115.0

            Not only white                13.0000

ethnic      Hispanic                      98.0000

            Not Hispanic                  30.0000

eduCd       College Graduate or more      32.0000

            Some College                  31.0000

            High School Graduate          39.0000

            Grade School                  26.0000

married     No                            90.0000

            Yes                           38.0000

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PHREG Simple Frequencies

Just checked and I have the same issue, using SAS 9.2.3 no styles applied.

Sounds like a bit of a bug to me, I recommend opening a track with tech support.

I didn't even know there was the simple option though!

I usually do a proc freq on my data, then proc lifetest on each variable then proc phreg, so by the time I get to that point I don't want that info anyways.

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