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Note produced from proc factor

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Note produced from proc factor

Dear all,

How are you?

I use the polychoric matrix produced from the polychoric macro(25010 - Create a polychoric correlation or distance matrix) as an input data for proc factor. But I don't understand the first note. Can anyone please enlighten me on how to address this? Thank you very much.

%polychor(data=tmp, var=r1 r2 r3 r4 r5 r6 r7 r8, out=chor,type=corr);

proc factor data = chor  method = ml rotate = promax outstat = FAstats n=3 heywood residuals msa score;

var r1--r8;


NOTE: N not equal across variables in data set WORK.CHOR. This may not be appropriate. The smallest value will be used.

NOTE: 3 factors will be retained by the NFACTOR criterion.

NOTE: Convergence criterion satisfied.

NOTE: The data set WORK.FASTATS has 56 observations and 10 variables.

NOTE: At least one W.D format was too small for the number to be printed. The decimal may be shifted by the "BEST" format.

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Re: Note produced from proc factor

Can you move/post this in the stats forum instead of the general forum? You're more likely to get responses that way.

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Re: Note produced from proc factor

Dear all,

I just read its SAS note.

Does it mean I need to perform listwise deletion on my data before using the polychor macro?

Thank you very much.

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