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Newton-Rhapson in SAS IML

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Newton-Rhapson in SAS IML

Need code to solve the following equation using Newton-Rhapson for a system of equations in SAS IML?

∑ (t=1)^T (Yj-Xj)/
(1+r)^t -c=0

Y is the income stream of the jth student from time, t=1, until the end. X is the income stream of the control group. r is the discount rate or the percentage money declines in value each year.

I have R code to do this but I know very little about R and can’t understand what is going on so any help for SAS will be greatly appreciated. Sorry about the equation. I tried to copy in and the format went nuts.
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Re: Newton-Rhapson in SAS IML

If you have the code in R to do this, why do you need the code in SAS to do this? Can't you just run the R code and get your answer?
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