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Multiple Imputation Using Monotone Logistic Method

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Multiple Imputation Using Monotone Logistic Method

I am trying to impute a binary variable using a monotone logistic model. This is the only missing variable in my dataset, and is predicted by a series of other variables (some categorical, some continuous). When I use the following code, I get an error that reads:


"WARNING: The covariates are not specified in a monotone discriminant method for variable 'B', only preceding continuous variables will be used as covariates with the default CLASSEFFECTS=EXCLUDE option."


This is the code I am currently using:


proc mi data=have out=want;

class  B C F X;

monotone logistic (X = A B C D E F A*B/details descending);

var A B C D E F X;



I'm unsure what I'm doing wrong here that would cause this warning. Any help is much appreciated!

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