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Meta analysis - evaluation

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Meta analysis - evaluation

Dear all,


I'm a Phd student and I'm doing a meta-analysis with a dataset where we are collecting data from some studies performed in my State; in this dataset, we have 360 observations where each observation is the average of two, three or four evaluations. However, I don't have the original data, so I can't evaluate sampling variance from each study. However, I'd like to measure, for each variable, some kind of variance between experiments, because I'd like to know if I must exclude some observations or if I can keep all them.

I hope that you can understand what I'm trying to explain and there is some help with this dataset.

Since now, thanks!

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Re: Meta analysis - evaluation

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Although you may get some help here this sounds like a statistical methodology question. Given that, you may get a faster response if you post on cross validated 

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