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Matching with replacement - Conditional Logistic Regression

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Matching with replacement - Conditional Logistic Regression

Hi everyone! I'm trying to figure out how PROC LOGISTIC handles repeated controls in a stratified logistic analysis, meaning that I have a 1:4 matched data set in which a couple of controls are matched to two different cases (ie. these controls show up twice in the data set with different strata values). I know matching with replacement is allowed but I'm wondering about the analysis portion, whether I can just use PROC LOGISTIC with the STRATA statement or something a little more sophisticated?


If you can point me to any readings that address this, that'd be great.


Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!




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Re: Matching with replacement - Conditional Logistic Regression

I would use proc glimmix instead with the / dist=binomial model statement option and specify a random statement that partitions the variance down to an individual subject level, such as


random intercept / subject=ID;


or if your controls only appear in one (are nested in one) case-control block, and the block is identified as block,


random intercept block / subject=ID;





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