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Logistic Regression

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Logistic Regression

i implemented a binary logistic regression model based on my Assignment, the dependent variable was “churn “. I got a good model. In that assignment there are some questions. One question is,

?. What are the top five factors driving likelihood of churn at Mobicom?


How can i answer this question.? which parameter or measure  should i choose to find the top 5 factors.please help me.


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Re: Logistic Regression

When you posted your question, you saw this:


Stop right there! Before pressing POST, tick off this checklist. Does your post …

✔ Have a descriptive subject line, i.e., How do I ‘XYZ’? ✔ Use simple language and provide context? Definitely mention what version you’re on. ✔ Include code and example data? Consider using the SAS Syntax feature.







Please note the third section. Post the code you used and some example data to run the code against.

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Re: Logistic Regression

How do you know you have a good model. 


What are your parameter estimates and the corresponding odds ratio? 

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