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Logistic: Oddsratio: multiple comparisons

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Logistic: Oddsratio: multiple comparisons

I just want to confirm a few things about odds ratio confidence intervals and the odds ratio plot in PROC LOGISTIC.

1. ODDSRATIO statement cannot adjust confidence intervals and OR plots for multiple comparisons.

2. LSMEANS statement with options adjust = <> and exp will give properly adjusted OR CIs.

3. LSMEANS statement cannot display an OR plot.

4. The only way to get a correct OR plot currently is to run LSMEANS and export the adjusted CIs with ODS to a dataset.  Then run the CIs though SGPLOT or something similar.

Could anyone confirm if this is correct?  Thanks! Smiley Happy

Questions for any SAS employees who might watch:

1. Is there a plan to add adjustments for multiple comparisons to ODDSRATIO statement?

2. Is there a plan to add an OR plot to LSMEANS?

Thanks! Smiley Happy


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Re: Logistic: Oddsratio: multiple comparisons

Try reading this article:

for me it was very useful.



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