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Log Error in Regression

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Log Error in Regression

Hello ,

I have a sas datafile called 'mylaptop1.sas7bdat' in C:\Sas and want to run
Code used :

/*Tests for Normality of Residuals*/
libname sc "C:\Sasregression on it

data test;
set mylaptop1;
proc univariate data=test normal;
var Score;
qqplot Score / normal(mu=est sigma=est);
proc print data=test;

error :-

EROR: File WORK.MYLAPTOP1.DATA does not exist.

WARNING: The data set WORK.TEST may be incomplete. When this step was stopped there were 0
observations and 0 variables.
WARNING: Data set WORK.TEST was not replaced because this step was stopped.

kindly guide,
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Re: Log Error in Regression

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Look back to all of your old posts involving libname.

~Those who don't learn from their past mistakes are doomed to repeat them.
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Re: Log Error in Regression

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A lovely resource when you are just getting started with SAS is "The Little SAS Book, A Primer" by Delwiche and Slaughter:

Given the breadth of your recent questions, I think you'll find it useful to read cover to cover. I've used SAS for years, and I still picked out some useful tips.
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