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Lin's Regression?

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Lin's Regression?

I have a collegue who is insisting that we implement Lin's regression (Biostatistics (2000), 1, 1, pp. 35–47) for modeling costs with censored data.  I've not heard of this before, nor have I been able to find applications that actually have coded this.  Anyone been able to get this to work in SAS?  It should be similar to PHREG I would think....

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Lin's Regression?

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I'm not familiar with it, but it may be amongst the macros provided at:

Also, a macro for obtaining Lin's correlation coefficient is provided in the mccc macro at:

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Lin's Regression?


Wrong Lin.  Sue is referring to DY Lin (not X Lin).  I missed it too the first time.

Here is the paper

and a nice summary

Lin's Regression is parametric, so I is probably not a variation on PHREG.  However, I have not found any SAS software for it.  There are several follow-on articles as well.  You may want to contact DY directly, though my guess is that his software will be in R.

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Lin's Regression?

Thanks.  I hadn't seen anything on how to do it in SAS either but wasn't sure if anyone else had any experience using it.  R would be fine (since it's open source) so I'll contact him directly and see what else I can gather.  I have to admit tho, it doesn't leave me with a "warm-fuzzy" feeling when I can't find anything on how to program the method.  Almost makes me hesitant to use it at all...but alas, that's not necessarily my call to make.

Thanks for the info!

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