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Joinpoint regression model

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Joinpoint regression model

I'm still relatively new to SAS and I am trying to conduct estimates using a Joinpoint regression model since I've read about how accurate it is in predictions. I have no idea where to begin in coding it though. Has anyone used this and has sample code to help me along?

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Re: Joinpoint regression model

Is this for cancer data analysis?


If so, look into the JoinPoint software from NCI.

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Re: Joinpoint regression model



You can find lots of info (including example programs) on the web.

These are the keywords you need are:

Piecewise Regression Model in SAS


Segmented regression model in SAS


Change point regression model in SAS


Here is a nice article (including SAS code):

Regression - hockey sticks, broken sticks, piecewise, change points


Here is an example from the SAS documentation:

SAS/STAT(R) 14.1 User's Guide

Example 81.1: Segmented Model



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