Programming the statistical procedures from SAS

Interpreting results of statistical procedures

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Interpreting results of statistical procedures

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I am a sas programmer and some times do statsitical analysis.

I had studied statistics quite some times back

I intend to revise my fundamentals for inferential statistics particularly ttest, regression analysis and validating regression model, Anova. (I do have a personal copy of Statistics by example by Ron Cody but that in no way serves the purpose, though it is a  very good and useful book.).

Can any body suggest a book where I can properly interpret the result.

For examplle if i am interpreting a proc ttest what does Pr > T stands for OR what shouldbe the appropriate value.

Not looking for indepth mathematics


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Re: Interpreting results of statistical procedures

If you are looking for a good statistics brush-up book (and you already have Ron Cody's at hand), I recommend "Discovering Statistics Using SAS" by Andy Fields and Jeremy Miles.


Otherwise, SAS has a free statistics e-learning course, that would be my no1 choice Smiley Happy 

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Re: Interpreting results of statistical procedures

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Assuming you have a hypothesis H0: a=0  .

Under the condition of hypothesis of H0 was right ,you can get a estimator (E0) for H0 .

P value stands for the probability of  estimator (E) greater than E0 .

If P <0.05 mean there are very few estimator E is greater than E0, which means E0 is very big,therefore you should reject H0.


The criteria of P value is usually set at 0.05


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