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Interpret statistics from PROC GLM

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Interpret statistics from PROC GLM

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Hi all,


I am trying to understand the following question,


Customers were surveyed to assess their intent to purchase a product. An analyst divided the customers into groups defined by the company's pre-assigned market segments and tested for difference in the customers' average intent to purchase.

The following is the output from the GLM procedure:


source             DF     Sum of square   Mean Square  F value   Pr>F

Model               7        15716.87902     2245.268        64.98     <.0001

Error                146     5044.56             34.5518      

Corrected-       153     20761.44481




What percentage of customers' intent to purchase is explained by market segment? 


Can someone explain this?







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Re: Statistics

Hint: Look up the definition of R-Square in a Statistics textbook.

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Re: Statistics

Thanks for the hint...


R-sq= 1- SS error/SS total = 1 - 5044.5657/20761.4448 =0.76=   76%


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Re: Statistics

15716.87902 / 20761.44481=0.757

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