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How to prepare the data for a proc panel pooled regression

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How to prepare the data for a proc panel pooled regression

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update: As Ksharp suggested, I reposted this question in the forecasting forum:


Hi all,


I am trying to run a pooled regression for a sample. here is the code that I have right now:



data have; 
input fundid time flow flow_lag return;
10001 1 10 . .01
10001 2 12 10 -.03
10001 3 -10 12 .04
10002 1 61 . .03
10002 2 36 61 .04
10002 3 10 36 0.01
proc panel data = have;
id fundid time;
model flow = return flow_lag / pooled;


Of course, I have lots of funds and lots of time periods. But I am just showing 2 funds and 3 time periods to understand better how the proc panel works.



When I run the above regression, I get the error:

There is only one cross section or time series observation. Computations will be terminated.

I get this message even when I run on the whole sample, which I know has lots of cross section and time series. As far as I understand, I have both multiple cross sections (two fundids) and multiple time series (three time ids).  So I think there should be something about pooled regression that I do not get at all.


Here are my two questions


  1. How should I arrange my data for the proc panel so that I do not face the above error?
  2. Is my time id correct? or should it be necessarily a variable with time informat?

If there is any reference that can help me, I would appreciate it if you mention it as well.


thanks a lot,






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Re: How to preapare the data for a proc panel pooled regression

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It is about SAS/ETS, plz post it at Forecast forum.

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