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How to learn sas/stats

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How to learn sas/stats

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Could any one help me. how to learn sas/stats in easy way. Please provide materials

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Re: How to learn sas/stats

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It depends....

If you already know statistics and want to know how to implement the analyses in SAS, then there are a host of Books By Users that can help you there.  Just search through the SAS bookstore.

If you want to learn statistics, then you need to look at a graduate program that uses SAS as the analysis tool in coursework.

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Re: How to learn sas/stats

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If you mean "how to use SAS/STAT software," take a look at the "Introductions" chapter of the SAS/STAT User's Guide to see the analyses that are available.  Every SAS/STAT procedure also has a "Getting Started" section.

If you are trying to learn SAS syntax, you might start by using Enterprise Guide. It contains a point-click facility for doing common statistical analyses, and for each analysis it generated SAS code that you can then look at to start to understand the SAS syntax of procedures.

If you prefer to learn by reading a book, try looking at an introductory book such as the Little SAS Book, SAS for Dummies, or Elementary Statistics Using SAS.

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