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How to get more than p<.0001 in 9.2?!?

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How to get more than p<.0001 in 9.2?!?

Hi, got a huge problem, since I cannot get more decimals in any tests with SAS. Tried to use 'probsig', but couln't get it work in SAS 9.2 version. So, the problem is, that in my cohort almost every correlation gives you p-value <.0001 and I want to see beyond that.

what should I do? Thank you for your help!
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Re: How to get more than p<.0001 in 9.2?!?

I gave an answer previously for this problem. Repeated here.
Here is one way.
You can use ods output to create a sas file for each relevant part of the output from a procedure. For instance, you could use:

proc glimmix ;
ods output tests3=tests3;
class trt b ;
model y = trt|b;

to store the Type 3 test results in a file called tests3 (these are the F tests, degrees of freedom, P values). The p value is called ProbF in this file (just print it to check this out). Then in a print procedure, you can choose a different format for ProbF. Below is one way, where I request 12 decimal places for P.

proc print data=tests3;
format ProbF pvalue15.12; *<--no space in pvalue15.12 ;

The relevant ods file is different for each procedure. Check the documentation for your desired procedure.
Usually, one does not need to know p to more than 5 or 6 decimal places. But it does come up with multiple testing problems, where one wants to adjust the p values for multiple testing. Then, it can be useful to see more than 5 or 6 decimal places.
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