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How to create Basel II Report for PD and LGD

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How to create Basel II Report for PD and LGD



I would like to know if the Basel II reports attached are available on SAS or not. Sometimes titles are different. I would like to know if there are reports with different names. If these reports don't exist in SAS, can you help me how to do it on SAS?


I have checked the link below.


-              Confidence Levels for the Gini Coefficient and AUC

-              Spiegelhalter Test

-              Binomial Calibration Test

-              Chi-square (or Hosmer-Lemeshow) Test

-              PSI, CSI

-              Conditional Entropy Ratio and Information Value, Mann Whitney - U*

-              LGD:, “Expected Loss” Shortfall

-              T Test

-              Cohen’s d-Test

-              ETLA

-              Descriptive statistics for input variables


Thank you.

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Re: How to create Basel II Report for PD and LGD

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I don't see any attachments and I may be able to help as I use SAS for Basel II at a bank.


Please provide more information. Are you trying to derive PD and LGD, validate them, or do credit risk calculations with them?

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Re: How to create Basel II Report for PD and LGD

Hello SASKiwi,


Thank you for your interest.For instance how can i create following images on SAS. These are T-test and Cohens Test reports and i would like to ask how i can find Confidence Level(%95.0) on SAS which i can find on Excel by using Descriptive  Statistics. I found all formulas which i wanted to find by using Proc Means except Confidence Level(%95.0). I couldn’t equalize it with UCLM and LCLM.




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Re: How to create Basel II Report for PD and LGD

As far as i understand to create Ttest we need to use  Proc Ttest procedure but i need to generate exactly the same output which i posted above.  I tried the code as below.



proc ttest data=Rmsaslib.TtestCombine  sides=2 alpha=0.01 h0=0;
 	title "Two sample t-test example";
	class Formulas;
	var G1THK;
	ods output statistics = outputdf ; 
ods output equality=outputeq;
ods output TTESTS = PVAL;
ods output ConfLimits = PVAL2; run;

I investigate deeply the Cohens d Test and i didn't find. I guess SAS does not have any procedure related to Cohens d test report. I calculated the columns by writing SAS Code but as i said it before my real purpose is to create exactly the same output. Are there any easiest way to generate it.



proc sql;
Create table CohenMerge as
select *
,SQRT(sum(SSDF1,SSDF2)/sum(countBacktest,CountTahminUretim)) as S
,((MeanTahminT-MeanTahminB)/calculated S) as Omega
,ABS(calculated omega) AS AbsOmega
,SQRT(((CountTahminUretim+countBacktest)/(CountTahminUretim*countBacktest))+((calculated Omega)**2/(2*(CountTahminUretim+countBacktest)))) as Stddev
,(calculated omega)-1.96*SQRT(calculated Stddev) as ConfInf95G1THK
,(calculated omega)+1.96*SQRT(calculated Stddev) as ConfInf95G2THK
from SumSDFG1Table T1
Left Join SumSDFG2Table T2
on T2.obs=T1.obs;

Lastly, Did somebody understand my Confidence Level(%95.0) ?


Thank you.

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