Programming the statistical procedures from SAS

How to Calculate LS Mean,95%CI and p-value.

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How to Calculate LS Mean,95%CI and p-value.

Hi All.

As i am regular user for Base SAS,SQL and Macros but i did't come across to Statistical procedures.

Today my client came up with me a report ,in that i need to show some statistical columns which are LS MEANS ,95%CI and p-value.

CLient requirement looks likes bellow..

ActlevelNmeanSDLS MEAN95 % CIp-value,xx.xx)x.xxxx,xx.xx)x.xxxx,xx.xx)x.xxxx

Could you please provide sample code to get above statistics as i dod't have much time to go through the statistical procedures.

please use SASUSER.ADMIT dataset to generate above table then i can adopt that code for my original dataset.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated

Note :

Confidence Interval from the ANCOVA model.

$=p-Value from the ANCOVA model.

Thanks &Regards.


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Re: How to Calculate LS Mean,95%CI and p-value.


I don't have access to sasuser.admit;

so,I used sashelp.class (which is not suitable for what you want, but it will give you an idea);

proc glm data = sashelp.class;

class sex; *need to put your group variable in the class statement

    model age = sex;

    lsmeans sex/stderr cl;


Good luck!


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Re: How to Calculate LS Mean,95%CI and p-value.

Hi Anca ..

thank you so much for your rply..

here i am attaching Admit Dataset. Could you please try on this.

and i have few quires on your provided solution..

>Is this values based on ANCOVA model ???

>Is this possible to get output dataset with these values ???

once again thank you for your response ..



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Re: How to Calculate LS Mean,95%CI and p-value.

So, here is for example one link that shows ANCOVA analysis with SAS:

and this one:

SAS/STAT(R) 9.2 User's Guide, Second Edition

What I need to know from you is what is your X (independent variable) and what is your Y (dependent variable)? I assume that your X is the ActLevel (as per the sasuser.admit data set).

But what is the Y?

What I mean is that you need to set up a (simple) model where the group variable is your X and you need a Y so you can conclude if there are differences in Y between the X's groups.


Yes, there are ways to output the results by using either ods statement or the output out...

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