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How do I create GLM relativity graphs?

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How do I create GLM relativity graphs?

I'm building a binomial logit model and, for each variable, would like to produce a graph showing the relativities (as a decimal or percent) of each level compared to the base level. Is there a built-in option to do this in Enterprise Guide? This is not a simple graph comparing each level's correlation with the binary target or log odds with that of the base level; I want to be sure that the relativities shown are true relativities, i.e. they satisfy the "all other things equal" assumption so that the effects of all other variables are controlled for (or essentially set to the base levels). I've attached an example of what I'm looking for.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Re: How do I create GLM relativity graphs?

I've never heard of a "relativity graph." Could you provide a reference or formula? It might be known by a different name.


Without knowing what a "relativity plot" is, I suggest you investigate the EFFECTPLOT statement, which enables you to visualize the effect of many continuous and classification effects. A few examples are shown in the article that I linked to, and the article links to the documentation which provides full details.

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