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How could I fit this model?

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How could I fit this model?


Hello , could someone help me with code to fit the model below:

Y_it denotes i measure at time t

Apha_i is intercept for subject i

X_i denote baseline age

O_i(t) denote positive indicator for subject “i” at time t

D_i(t) denote impairment state ie ‘0’ normal and ‘1’ impaired

Epsilon_it is error term for subject I at time t

DELTA_0 and DELTA_1 are time lags from positivity to influence on slope of cognitive process.

How do I fit this model:

Y_it= Apha_i +Beta_0  *X_i + Beta_1  *t + Beta_2  * O_i*(t- DELTA_0)*t + Beta_3 * D_i *(t- DELTA_1)*t

+ Beta_4*O_i*(t- DELTA_0)* D_i *(t- DELTA_1)*t + Epsilon_it

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