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Histogram plot

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Histogram plot

Hi All,

could you let me know anyone knows this concept.

i have one requirement that "Histogram plot of the marginal studentized residulas derived from the mixed modl will be produced". means i should i do for this?

is it normal histogram with raw data?


may i consider anything more?


Hima B

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Re: Histogram plot

Look at the documentation for the procedure that you are using. For example, the PROC MIXED documentaiton is here:

SAS/STAT(R) 13.1 User's Guide

On the PROC statement look for the PLOTS= option and read about how to create the histogram of the marginal studentized residuals.

For example,

proc mixed plots(only)=(StudentPanel(marginal));

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Re: Histogram plot

Thank you Rick!

i will work on it! Smiley Happy

please can you help me out from this query also...  please click the link ..

Thanks & Best Regards,

Hima B

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