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Help with ordinal logistic regression

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Help with ordinal logistic regression

Hi ,


Can anyone pelase help me with following question I am trying to solve:

Description of my problem:

I have the following "target variable": 1: Growth 2. Stable 3. Decay. 

The distribution of each is:

1. Growth=4%




Since, this is situation of imbalance target rate I have taken 10% of the stable to model.

Now I have the model results and the confusion matrix.



When I try to try back the complete sample, I see the values of predicted probabilities get disturbed.

Can anyone please suggest how to score the complete sample in ordinal regression when we model only a sample of it.

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Re: Help with ordinal logistic regression

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How are you scoring your dataset? 

Have you considered a prior probability instead of reducing event rate? 


Otherwise, perhaps this is helpful

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Re: Help with ordinal logistic regression

Hi Reeza,


Thank you for your reply. I have read this article but have trouble implementing for ordinal case. Can you please advise how should I implment for ordinal case?


Thanks a lot again!!

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