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Help with Proc Surveyreg and Test Statement

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Help with Proc Surveyreg and Test Statement

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to test the effect on performance of different publicly traded companies based on whether they have audit committee or not after the passage of Sarbens-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2001 based on if they are listed on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, American Stock Exchange (ASE), or other exchanges. I have panel data that starts from 1996-2012. So here is my code:


proc surveyreg data=problem;

cluster firm;

class year exchange;

model performance = Audit PostSox Exchange ControlVariables Audit*PostSox*Exchange / noint solution;

test Audit*PostSox*NYSE = Audit*PostSox*NASDAQ = Audit*PostSox*ASE = Audit*PostSox*Other;



The test statement does not work. I need help with that please. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong and how to fix it?


If I use the BY statement in the program, then I need to test the same thing:


proc surveyreg data=problem;

cluster firm;

class year;

BY Exchange

model performance = Audit PostSox ControlVariables Audit*PostSox / noint solution;

test Audit*PostSox for NYSE = Audit*PostSox for NASDAQ = Audit*PostSox for ASE = Audit*PostSox for Other;



Which model is better and accurate? Also how do I test the coeffecient in SAS?




the rock 


P.S. Because Exchange is a class variable, I want to test difference between NYSE, ASE, and NASDAQ. So in the model statement I just put Exchange, but in realty it will create a dummy variable for each exchange. I want to test the interaction term between all three variables.


P.S.S. This post is moved from SAS Procedures to this one. Hope I can more answers here. Thanks

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