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Help w/ Difference-in-Difference Estimation....Any advice appreciated!

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Help w/ Difference-in-Difference Estimation....Any advice appreciated!

I am trying to estimate a difference in difference regression in SAS but am not having much luck. I was hoping someone could advise me on how to code for the variables I am using (I know how to interpret but
not run diff-in-diff Smiley Sad, my experience is limited to linear regression!)
I have two sets of individual data downloaded from the March CPS supplement and the following variables:
PreTANF coded 0 or 1, 1 = before policy; PostTANF coded 0 or 1, 1 = after policy; Single coded 0 or 1, 1 single
H.S., coded 0, 1, 1 = h.s.; college, coded 0, 1, 1=some college; Race, coded 0,1, 1 = white
Edu - class variable for educational attainment 1 = elementary, 2 = middle, 3 = high school, no diploma, 4 = high school diploma, 5 = some
college...etc. Numb.Children - number of children

I am trying to regress Labor force participation (0, 1 variable w/ 1 being in labor force) on PostTANF and do a difference in difference regression. I am confused on how to do this for many reasons. First, I am not sure how to model. Second, I don't know what regression to use
(logistic?) w/ a 0,1 variable.

Any advice much appreciated!!!!!

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