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Gower's Matrices

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Gower's Matrices

I am a graduate student new to SAS.  I have a data set of skeletal remains and genetic traits on their bones.  I need to import the data, then use Gower to take my nominal and ordinal variables and create a biodistance score.  After creating the matrix, I would like to do some cluster analysis.  Any SAS-savvy people out there able to help?  An example syntax and output would be helpful, or attached is the datafile.  Thanks!

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Re: Gower's Matrices

Step1: Import your data. Use the GUI (File>Import)

Step2: Verify that your import was done correctly.

Step3: Look up Proc Distance - Method=GOWER, examples are in the HELP/Manual SAS/STAT(R) 9.2 User's Guide, Second Edition.

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