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GLIMMIX with binary data

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GLIMMIX with binary data

Dear forum members,

I have a dataset of bird site fidelity. The structure is as follows:

BirdID Year Return Sex Success
F0215 2005 1 M 1
F0217 2005 0 F 0

"BirdID" is the ring number, "Return" is if the bird return to the nest site of previous year, "Success" is if the bird bred successfully in the previous year. As the dataset was collected over several years, the same bird may occur several times in the dataset. Therefore I think of using random effect in GLIMMIX.

For the question: if previous successful breeders tend to return to the same nest site, the following code was used:
model Return (event='1') = Success / dist=binary link=logit;
random BirdID;

If the reponse variable is numeric, one can see the Type III Test of Fixed Effect in the output to know if the fixed effect is significant. However,as the Type III Test is a F test based on normal distribution, does it apply to such case, in which the responese is binary? I was told that one should use chi-square test to test for significance of explanatory variables in mixed models. How to conduct such a test with GLIMMIX?

Any suggestion is deeply appreciated.

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