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GLIMMIX- Specifying a covariance matrix

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GLIMMIX- Specifying a covariance matrix

Hello ,

I have a problem with the proc GLIMMIX . I use it for fit a mixed model Y=XB + Zv +e where XB is the fixed effects and Zv is the random effect .
The vectors v and e follow a Gaussian law . the covariance matrix of v is G and the covariance matrix of e is R .

I want to fix the matrix R than i know.
I know i can use " PARMS " with the option "hold=" but my matrix R is 300x300.
I would like set R from a data.
Can you help me to find a solution ?


(Sorry for my english... )
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Re: GLIMMIX- Specifying a covariance matrix

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Check out the PARMSDATA= option. This should allow you to load in the values you want.

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