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Funnel Plots

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Funnel Plots

I'm trying to plot a funnel plot to identify performance outliers from a sample of hospitals. I tried to follow Rick's example here: Funnel plots: An alternative to ranking - The DO Loop

But i had some problems understanding the PROC IML part. In my case, I have already have the population mean, standard deviation, my sample hospitals all had their mean and s.e.

Is there another approach to simulate the confidence limits?


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Re: Funnel Plots

Hopefully, Rick will respond himself.  Otherwise, take a look at:

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Re: Funnel Plots

I think the blog post is fairly complete. I don't have anything to add. Assuming that the sample size for each hospital is large, you don't need to "simulate the confidence limits." Just use the normal approximation to the binomial.

For other posts on the funnel plot, see the "Trackback" section at the bottom of the blog post. In particular, this post

Funnel plots for proportions - The DO Loop

seems relevant, although it uses an adjustment for the binomial limits, rather than the simpler normal limits.

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