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Four levels proc GLIMMIX

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Four levels proc GLIMMIX



I am running a nested model with four levels: juveniles, dad, mom, and year.

I have juveniles that are nested under dad, dad is nested under mom, and mom is nested under year. The variable “ontsurv” is the binary response variable, referring to whether a juvenile survived or not (I am using lizards in the analysis).

I wrote the following syntax for my model:

proc glimmix method = quad(fastquad qpoints=6) data=final; parms (3, 1, 19);


class mom dad year;


model ontsurv (event = '1')=  /S dist = binary link = logit ddfm =bw;


random int/ subject = year;


random int/ subject = mom(year);


random int/ subject = dad(mom year);


covtest 'var (year)= 0' 0 / est parms ;


covtest 'var (mom(year)) = 0' . 0 / est parms;


covtest 'var (dad(mom year)) = 0' . . 0/ est parms;




I am not sure if this model implies that var (year) represents the random intercept variance of the year level , var mom (year) the variance of the categorical variable mom, and dad (mom year) the variance of dad.

I would really appreciate some help with this syntax.






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