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For a record, which predictor dominates the ranking?

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For a record, which predictor dominates the ranking?

Hello, Fellow Users,


I am building an attrition model. I am ending up with 10 predictors. The client wants to know for each record, which the top reason it will attride (like the top reasons the credit card application is denied).


I haven't worked in credit card industry, so I don't know exactly how they do it. One solution I am thinking is:


1), Standardize the predictors 

2), Estimate the coefficient

3), Scoring each record

4), Rank the absolute value of coefficient * preditors


Because the end value is due to the summary of each coefficient * preditors, I think I am ranking the important of each predictor.


Could anyone give me some insight whether this works?


Thanks a lot.


S. Y.

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