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Fitting a bivariate probit

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Fitting a bivariate probit

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Hello, all,


Thanks for paying attention to this post, first. 


I am trying to fit my data into a bivariate probit model (joint model) using PROC QLIM,

but I would like to fit finite mixture as well to get the segments among the observations. 


In sum, I would like to fit a bivariate probit and finite mixture in the same model but

don't know which SAS package that I need to use. I know that we can use for QLIM

for a bivariate probit model and FMM for finite mixture, but couldn't find which packages

or which options I should use to fit the two things in one model. The thing is that I would

like to get the two results (from finite mixture and bivariate probit) from one model and

don't know how to implement it. 


I appreciate your help in advance. 


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