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Finding Posterior Odds Ratios (Bayesian logistic regression)?

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Finding Posterior Odds Ratios (Bayesian logistic regression)?

Hi everyone,

I used the GENMOD procedure to obtain a Bayesian logistic regression model but am unsure how to obtain the adjusted odds ratios.

This is the code that I used:

data Normalprior;                                                                                                                     

input _type_ $ intercept X1 X2 X3;                                                                  


Var 1e6 1e6 1e6 1e6

Mean 0 100 50 0



proc genmod data=mydata descending;                                                                                                

model y=X1 X2 X3 / d=bin link=logit;                                                             

bayes seed=1 coeffprior=normal (input=Normalprior) nmc=50000 thin=5                                                                     

summary=all diagnostics=all plots=all outpost=postdata;                                                                                


Is there a way to obtain the adjusted odds ratios in SAS or do I have to manually calculate it (if so how)?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Finding Posterior Odds Ratios (Bayesian logistic regression)?

Bad news, good news.  The bad news is that you will probably have to calculate them in a data step.  The good news is that the estimates that you need to exponentiate are easily obtainable from an ODS output statement.  Try adding

ods output postsummaries=postsummaries;

to your code.  The parameter estimates are on the log odds scale so exponentiating would give the adjusted odds ratios.

Hope this helps.

Steve Denham

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