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Enterprise Miner Score Code Export bug

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Enterprise Miner Score Code Export bug

I'm using the score export node in EM and it's truncating a long variable from 200 characters to 32, as per the system default. Where is the setting in EM to change this? I've searched online and clicked on about everything in the program and short of editing the output code to force 200 characters in the dummy variable the score creates, I'm not sure what to do.


Hoping there's a setting I can change because otherwise I have a long few days of manual coding ahead of me.


snippet of code that's making me angry in the SAS EM Score Output code:

else do;
length _dm32 $ 32; drop _dm32 ;
%DMNORMCP( combo , _dm32 )

if _dm32 = '36415_NATIONAL GOVERNMENT SERVIC' then do;
_6_436 = 1;


that variable should be '36415_NATIONAL GOVERNMENT SERVICES, INC.'




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Re: Enterprise Miner Score Code Export bug

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This looks like a variable value not name. 

Check the original data you used to create your model and make sure that import was done correctly. 


Worse case scenario - truncate your new data to the length required. If this doesnt result in unique data you have an issue both with your scoring code and model. 

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