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Effect size in GLIMMIX

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Effect size in GLIMMIX

Dear Madam, dear Sir,


I would like to estimate effect size in PROC GLIMMIX (in SAS 9.4)

I am seeking for an association between a continuous dependent variable (normal distribution) and a series of independent predictors.

Predictors consist in 1 class variable (sex) and 6 continuous variables (age, education, etc.).

Some predictors are correlated with one another but not redundant.


How could I get something which ressemble an effect size estimation (r^squared, r, Cohen's, etc.) for each of the (significant) predictors (there are at least 2 significant predictors)?

We tried to standardize all variables prior to computing the model. We do get (beta) estimates that are in what seem to be the same scale. Can this be seen as some sort of effect size measure?


Thanks in advance for your help.





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Re: Effect size in GLIMMIX

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For categorical predictor variables, the effect size can be obtained by the LSMEANS statement.


For continuous predictor variables, the effect size (which is actually the slope) can be obtained by using the SOLUTION option in the MODEL statement.


You ask for R-squared and similar measures, but these are not "effect size" measures in any reasonable usage of the term "effect size"; furthermore GLIMMIX does not compute R-squared. If you really want R-squared, then PROC GLM could be used if it fits the requirements of the problem.

Paige Miller
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