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Effect size for repeated ANOVA

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Effect size for repeated ANOVA



I am using the following code for repeated ANOVA:


proc glm data=work.import;
class k p Sampsize_proprtn commun_type ;
model Loading_Sensitivity_p Loading_Sensitivity_u Loading_Sensitivity_m = k | p | Sampsize_proprtn | commun_type  @2/ alpha=0.025 effectsize ss3;
repeated method 3/printe;
ods output ModelANOVA = c1;


Is this correct to find EFFECT SIZE for REPEATED ANOVA?

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Re: Effect size for repeated ANOVA

Probably not.  From the documentation on the EFFECTSIZE option:


"...except for those displayed by the TEST option in the RANDOM statement, by CONTRAST and TEST statements with the E= option, and by MANOVA and REPEATED statements."


Since you use the REPEATED statement to obtain your F values, I would suspect that no effect size estimate will be included.  I could be wrong, and the effect sizes appear in the univariate ANOVA tables.


Steve Denham

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