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ESTIMATE statement in proc mixed

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ESTIMATE statement in proc mixed

Hi!I am wondering if anyone can explain why they are using "1" (marked in red) after "month" in the ESTIMATE statement in the following example from the Mixed Procedure ( I think this example is difficult to understand, if anyone have a better example explaining how to include random-effects in the ESTIMATE statement I will be greatful!
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SUB coeffs

sets up random-effect contrasts between different subjects when a SUBJECT= variable appears in the RANDOM statement. By default, ESTIMATE statement coefficients on random effects are distributed equally across subjects. For example, the ESTIMATE statement in the following code from Example 56.5 constructs the difference between the random slopes of the first two batches.


   proc mixed data=rc;
      class batch;
      model y = month / s;
      random int month / type=un sub=batch s;
      estimate 'slope b1 - slope b2' | month 1 / subject 1 -1;


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