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Does Proc Krige2d perform block kriging?

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Does Proc Krige2d perform block kriging?

Does anyone know if Proc Krige2d can perform block kriging versus single point kriging?


I have datasets with 11,800 measurements over a geographic area and want to krige the data to examine location related patterns in the data.


I used Proc Variogram along with other graphical measures to determine the data is anisotropic and to identify the model, but the  processing memory requirements when I run Proc Krige2d become so large that SAS processing stops due to insufficient memory.


Block kriging would be more effective given the large number of measurements within the area.


I am using SAS version 9.4 on a Windows platform.


Below is an example of my code:


proc krige2d data=area1 outest=pred plot=predict;

coordinates xc=x_sp yc=y_sp;

predict var=analyte r=10 ;

model form=exp range=9.4 scale=15.55 angle=113.6 ratio=0.67 nugget=7.78;

grid x=880960 to 881830 by 5 y=1717325 to 1718565 by 5;




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