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Difference between % Gauge R&R vs. Gague R&R % of Total

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Difference between % Gauge R&R vs. Gague R&R % of Total

Hi everybody.

I'm trying to do a Gauge R&R and I'm a little confused by the data in the report.

I'm looking at the help file for JMP 9.0, under the following heading:

Quality and Reliability Methods

Variability Charts

Variability Chart and Gauge R&R Analysis

In the Gauge R&R Report, there are several different results. At one point, it says, "49.7571  % Gauge R&R =100*(RR/TV)"

A few lines down, in the section "Variance Components for Gauge R&R," it says Gauge R&R % of Total 24.76%.

The wording is similar, but the values are quite different, so I'm not sure what the difference is and which one I should be using.

In particular, the section that says "Acceptable Variation" gives thresholds for excellent, adequate, maginal and unacceptable RR%.... but I'm not sure which number in the report I should look at to make that evalutation.  Should I look at the 49.7571% value (in which case the help file shows unaccetable) or should I look at the 24.76%?

thanks in advance.


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