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Data reporting for decline in sales

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Data reporting for decline in sales

May I request someone to help on this data reporting question which I came across? 


Assume I'm heading the credit card divison of the bank and I could see sales figure (i.e. card issued) has dropped by 10 percent in last quarter. Now I want to drill down deeper and generate a report (which I can handle via proc report) to figure out the reason for the sales drop.


What are the informations (or varaibles) are required to produce a report. It would be great if you can route me to the documents which has similar scenario.


Since I don't have experience in  credit card portfolio I seek your help to shed some light. 

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Re: Data reporting for decline in sales

 This might help you.


You should also have a report which says how many cust have left or closed the CC account.

You should have the CustomerID and then there are other variables like Gender ,Age,Geography, then go more deep and find out Monthly income or monthly spending,how much interest they paid and accumulate all the available details . Proc REG and CORR will help you more if you want analyze which variable impacted more.

The question here is the sales is down , could be great completions ,aggressive sales by other company.If you have data you can prove lots of things . 

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