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Consultation for Models comparison

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Consultation for Models comparison

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Hi everyone!

This is Kelly and I need someone's help>"<

Currently, I am working on developing a risk equation for diabetes and stroke.

After I got my equation through cox-regression(proc phreg) and also there were roc curve and c -statistics.

However, I would like to compare my equation to other equations which have been published to see whether my equation is more precise.

That is, I would like to ask if there any procedure to use my cohort to test the existed model to calculate c-statisitcs?


Attachment is the study method I found may be similar to mine. The author mentioned using SAS, however, not sure what procedure did they use................


Kindly give advise to me...........Thanks a lot!





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Re: Consulation for Models comparison

you are estimating survival time ie length of life? i'm not too familiar with this, but i am aware of an old paper with frank harrel's name on it: they compared several models using discrimination and calibration. But I'm more familiar with risk modelling with a dichotomous outcome... then there are good methods and sas macros

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Re: Consulation for Models comparison

Posted in reply to PaulBrownPhD

Thanks for your kindly reply!

However, not sure how to apply the risk equation: 

risk_score = 0.0634*age + 0.0897 *m_b_hbA1C + 0.5314*log10( m_U_ACR)
5_year_probability = 1-0.9707**(Risk_Score-4.5674)

into my dataset to look into the c-statistics and ROC curve for this equation?

Looking forward your kindly reply

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